If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?

Illustrations in your marketing copy are a must, especially with the low cost of digital publishing. But what does a video say about you, your product, or service?

It says a lot.

In the fast paced digital age, video is imperative in your marketing mix. People simply don’t think they have the time to read long copy. If your web page scrolls beyond the screen resolution it will rarely get read by anyone under 30.

As high speed broadband internet service is expanding into the modern home, video is the way to present your sales pitch, for a number of reasons.

  1. The user doesn’t have to think to take in video content. A video reads the script to the viewer, and shows them processes in action.
  2. Video is dynamic in that it shows the user how something works if it is not a simple process or still photography doesn’t do it justice. 
  3. Video shows your company has technological skill
  4. Video stands out from other marketing techniques
  5. Video can be integrated into multiple marketing channels such as websites, social media, and online advertising.

You can use video to show many aspects of your company, products and services as well as integrating other marketing tactics to your video efforts. Customer testimonials are a great example. Your prospective clients can see an actual person speaking on your company’s behalf about good service or superior products. This lends more credence to the testimonial than an anonymous note.

Many companies are leveraging video in different ways to show their products and service to purchasers. A recent story in USA Today shows how JC Penny is using customer’s video to promote their shopping experience. The production costs are nil to JC Penny, and the cost for soliciting the videos is some promotional gift cards which build additional customer loyalty while developing new customers virally.

Other ideas:

  • Provide product-related information to aid use, including how-to for complex products that require training or further help.
  • Portray products in a real environment to help customers experience the product without seeing it in person. Extend your web site to give customers a more retail-like environment.
  • Extend other forms of content you’re already creating, such as Webinars, analyst presentations, and quarterly meetings.

With the advances of technology and low cost video equipment, computer editing software, and youtube hosting you can get video integrated into your marketing cost effectively. Additionally, you can generate this content as a commercial, without the cost of television advertising, and target your audience effectively and efficiently.

PromoSta can help you integrate video into your marketing mix. Contact us today to find out how you can leverage youtube and viral video into your sales process.Ronson Repair Video Showing how video can improve your marketing message

Add video to your marketing mix