There have been a lot of developments in the last 15 years of the world wide web. We’ve gone from straight text on a page to some pretty astounding websites that are full on multimedia showcases of company products and services.

With those advancements have also come the development of the build your own service. Typically, a side note to a hosting solution from any of the big name hosting companies, and to a lesser extent some services specifically devoted to building “customized” websites.

Sure you can build your own. Brett did in this commercial:

But the question is: Should you?

Most importantly, you are focusing on building a business and selling your products or services. Building a website, no matter how easy the commercial may imply, is not your primary skill set.

Second, do you know what you are trying to market, and how best to do that? Does this offering make sense when you need to keep SEO, and customer engagement in mind?

Finally, and like Brett says, “Don’t be so surprised.” Is it a good idea?

PromoSta can help you to divine what your business strategy and marketing plan should look like, then build the marketing materials to work together to better tell your story and how it benefits your customers needs.

Unless of course, you are a quarterback butcher.

Build Your Own?