You wouldn’t forget about your kids.

You wouldn’t leave your business with no supervision for three months.

Bermont Gage Web Site Redesign
A web site redesign can take your old website into the 21st Century

Don’t neglect your website, it is your business child. Your website is like a growing child, it must be nurtured and fed to grow and learn to interact.

Updating your website with fresh content helps you and your business. Consumers start the majority of their searches for purchasing decisions on the internet. The more information you can present about your products and services the more likely you are to generate business.

Your primary point of initial contact with customers and prospects is through your website. Keep it fresh. Interact with that audience. See results.

Additionally, your web presence makes a statement about your company. You need to keep it consistent. Keep your corporate identity and brand consistent.  This web presence has to reflect current technology on the internet. Customers expect information on the  website for services such as FAQ’s, product documentation, and customer service. This is in addition to product explanations and online ordering.

Frequently updated websites are cataloged by search engines more frequently, increasing relevancy and naturally rising among the search results. Additionally, it gives you more opportunity to tell your story with additional content, and relevant keywords your target audience is searching for.

Aglow Skin Care Site Redesign
Some Redesigns allow subtle changes for elegance, while bringing stronger technology for e-commerce

Interactivity is what customers are looking for on the internet now. Easily create that two way communication with new tools throughout the internet. Start with services such as facebook and twitter. Integrate newsletters into your marketing mix to get information about your company out to clients who request your information. Newsletters provide your audience an opportunity to provide feedback, which you can use to increase your customer service and shape your products and services to their needs.

Add a blog with RSS feed to your site, helping increase relevance among the search engines. Additionally, it keeps your customers and prospects abreast of updates to product and service offerings. Your website can be your ultimate sales tool in helping you cross market new products to existing clients.

Vilano Landscape.Com
A consistent design implemented in Word Press allows you to control and update your website.

As technology advances this interactivity gets easier and easier to implement. Power your website with WordPress, allowing you or your staff to take control of content, reducing your cost to agencies for frequent updates. While you can do these things yourself it is important to understand what you are doing and how to do it effectively. You need a professional to help you build the proper design keeping all the above elements in mind, and how to keep content consistent while expanding.

Ready to take your site to the next level? Eager to implement any or all of these suggestions? In need of a web site redesign for a modern look and functionality? Contact PromoSta to help guide you through the technology that can help you improve your bottom line.

Don’t neglect your website.