The old adage, “keeping an existing customer is cheaper than gaining a new one” is very important in this down economy.

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Newsletters are a cost effective way to maintain communication with your customer base

What are you doing to keep your company, products and services in the forefront of your customers mind?

E-newsletters are the best solution for continual contact with your customers. Not only is this a cheap environmentally solution over the cost of direct mail, it can help you generate more business and track success effectively! For example, you can send a monthly newsletter or promotion, and view how many people received, opened and subsequently acted on your communication verifying that the effort had a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

PromoSta offers online solutions for developing e-newsletters and can help you to develop promotions that generate SALES!. For a fraction of the cost of a direct mail piece, you can communicate with your customers and inform them of new services, product specials, or news about your company, while reducing the amount of wasted paper and postal costs. Additional, you can give more information in an e- communication than in a postcard or direct mail piece as well as drive traffic to your website.

Contact PromoSta now to find out how we can help you increase customer loyalty by implementing an e-communication campaign.

See examples of newsletters for one of our clients here.

E-mail – Keep Connected With Your Customers

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