Engaging your customers and internet search engines are important aspects of your marketing challenge while working to get to the ultimate goal… More Sales.

Every business needs a website. Many businesses have a website which is static and for lack of a better term dusty in the back of the interwebs…. Many times this can be the malaise of forgetting about it, being more focused on the important tasks at hand (we know marketing usually falls pretty far down the list) or just not having access to the website.

I work with some clients who have come to me with the complaint, “My old web designer was good, I just can’t seem to get him on the phone.” or “I’ve been waiting for this update for weeks now…”

There is an easy solution.


WordPress is an open source web design tool that can be easily, and cheaply, set up for your business. It can be daunting at first to use, but isn’t any harder than any word processing tool you may already be using and only slightly more complex than facebook.

PromoSta can help you to get your business up and running with WordPress, or migrate your existing content over into a fresher redesign powered by WordPress allowing you the ability to manage your web pages on your time and at your pace.

These web sites are very search engine friendly and catalog nicely into search results. If the idea of managing the pages is still daunting, PromoSta is always here to help with the development and upkeep of your site if you would prefer to just have someone else handle it.

Why not get started today? Contact PromoSta.

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