Recently, I’ve worked with some companies to develop specific regional or niche markets focusing on a small audience to expand their overall product reach.

Detroit Body Grease Product LIneOne example is a nationwide beauty product supplier who built a small focused market in Detroit pointed at people who attend events around the city. The subsequent offering promoted the Aglow Skin Care Line while also promoting Detroit Pride and local products.

Another example from our friends in the Midwest would be Label Network a nationwide product labeling company that provides any solution for products that need an adhesive label. However, since they were attending the same events as Aglow Skin Care (and their label supplier) Label Network Developed the “Product of Detroit” Line of stickers and promotional materials that not only became sought after merchandise, but also promoted the products available through the parent company Label Network.

Focused Niche markets are a good way to expand your broad products to a specific market. It also gives you an opportunity to expose yourself to an audience you may have never reached in the first place. In the Label Network example above, They began working with more local bands in the Detroit area for stickers and other promotional items. Musicians were a previously untapped market.

That relationship expanded into a new business venture called “Motor City Special” a promotional opportunity to record local bands and release live vinyl records and sell promotional products packaged in with the records and bands. A whole new line of t-shirts, stickers and records became part of the mix, and a new revenue stream. Not to mention the partners are having a blast doing it!

Business is business, but it is enjoyable when you find something you like to do, and can interact with new people providing a service, product, or cause a new market may be thirsty for.

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Niche Marketing