DrWeinerDr. Weiner began as an advertising client for PromoSta. We developed online AdWords campaigns to drive leads for the bariatric surgery. Working together to create greater success, we identified areas where the website needed improvements, and conversions could be streamlined.

After initial success, and developing new campaigns centered around other procedures, it came time to migrate the site to a streamlined Content Management System giving the office staff more control over the site, allowing PromoSta to focus more specifically on campaign and service promotion.

Over the years, Dr. Weiner has become a marketing machine!. He’s written a book, provides video tutorials to his weight loss programs, and is looking to expand his service outside of the local community through web based consultations and coaching! We are using YouTube, and FaceBook effectively to reach new audiences and convert additional patients.

PromoSta is here to expand your marketing efforts with your business growth!

Dr. Matthew Weiner