Aardvark Werx

AardvarkWerx Computer Repair had relied on the yellow pages to put together advertising design. Typically the free service add on with Yellow Pages advertising is worth exactly what it costs. See the Yellow pages design on the right with the

Moira Glass

The client had been advertising in the local yellow pages and newspapers. The local publications were providing minimal graphic design for the advertising dollars. PromoSta helped to create a visually appealing insert printed on a high gloss 4-color press to

The Infatuations Show Posters

The Infatuations have built a following using social media, the internet as well as handouts to their fans and cross promoting with other bands. PromoSta has helped them to develop posters and handbills for upcoming shows, tours, and special events


Everclean Restoration & Cleaning Services contracted PromoSta to help with their marketing and brand strategy developing a logo, print advertising, a brochure, and business cards as well as the employee uniforms. Graphic Design, photography, and content writing all supported the