Many marketing efforts or other technology solutions stall or fail for lack of planning or adequate nurturing through the implementation. PromoSta can also help you to accomplish launch of specific projects if you don’t have the resources to properly plan the solution.

Infusionsoft Customer Resource Management

PromoSta can help you implement and manage online marketing campaigns with Infusionsoft CRM (as with any online solution). We’ve been managing multiple projects for clients who are keeping a constant communication and automated marketing with existing clients and prospects through the Infusionsoft interface. Contact us if you would like to streamline your online marketing and customer resource management. Implementation

salesforce.comPromoSta helped a client who was struggling with implementation of We helped the client to integrate their sales system into the salesforce structure, and incorporate their marketing efforts. As the program was rolled out, sales managers were able to oversee the sales process and their teams progress, while streamlining their efforts.
Additionally, as the project expanded, new employees were added, sales scripts were developed, and newsletters were implemented to increase brand awareness.

If you have additional needs, or just need a little help with a project PromoSta can consult you on your existing projects. from advertising strategy, to press relations, to full software recommendations we can help you make the right decision for your business.

PromoSta has developed and implemented solutions into a number of businesses. From an administrator standpoint with an integral knowledge of the products we can easily come in and manipulate the solution to suit any sales process, then integrate additional marketing tools to support the sales activity.

Aglow Skin Care E-Commerce Solution

Our client came to us with a product line being sold primarily through an e-bay store. The E-Commerce Solution was implemented to eliminate e-bay fees from the profit margin. Within 1 week of launch we migrated a majority of the existing clientele over to the new solution and began developing marketing channels to increase traffic to the site now that the natural traffic from e-bay was lost.
The site has already returned the cost of development and has shed the owner of the e-bay fees, the resulting profit has been applied to marketing the site through additional channels including e-newsletters, and Google AdWords PPC.