The Paint Pirate

Local artist creating beach and nautical themed art from recycled materials in the Saint Augustine area. Her business started simply enough, painting a reclaimed wooden door as yard art. As her passion grew, she started placing items in a local

ModMart Detroit

Loren Weiner Re-Designer had opportunity to expand her design business into a brick and Mortar store in Metro Detroit. She contracted PromoSta to design a responsive website to compliment her social media marketing activities also supplemented by Promosta with online

Showtime Detroit Website

Showtime Detroit

Showtime, a Detroit area clothing store for the rock and roll lifestyle, expanded their presence to the internet. Devoutly strategized as a brick and mortar store only with “no need” for an online presence, the owner insisted all interactions with


GenEnergy needed an outlet for telling the story about their business. A complex fuel sales brokerage serving multiple industries with different products and delivery programs, it was necessary to help tell the story to specific audiences. PromoSta helped with the

Dr. Matthew Weiner

Dr. Weiner began as an advertising client for PromoSta. We developed online AdWords campaigns to drive leads for the bariatric surgery. Working together to create greater success, we identified areas where the website needed improvements, and conversions could be streamlined.

Jennifer Shane Photography

Jen Shane Photography

Jennifer came to us on referral looking to showcase her beginning photography business. PromoSta helped her to develop a portfolio website showcasing her skills without distracting from the photos. A specifically minimalist, clean site design. PromoSta also helps with the

The Infatuations Detroit

The Infatuations

The Infatuations are a Rhythm and Blues band out of Detroit with a strong Motown sound. Having been friends with Christian for years PromoSta was tapped to help them develop a “Grown up” website. After a year, their first major

Bermont Gage & Automation

Bermont Gage & Automation is one of PromoSta’s original clients. Over nearly ten years we have updated the design and capabilities of the site to match the development of the company to a world class global supplier to both automotive

Rose Water Restaurant

Rose Water is an independent restaurant in Brooklyn, New York who was seeking to migrate their web presence to WordPress allowing them the ease of updating the site regularly without having outside designer delay time. Rose Water updates their menu

Loren Weiner Re-Designer

Contacted on Wednesday, Loren needed a website in time for a business profile published in the local paper on the upcoming Friday. PromoSta rolled up our sleeves and collected the data and put together a medium sized website showcasing design

Ronson Repair

Our client had a thriving business in e-bay buying and selling antique art deco cigarette lighters. Throughout the years he became a master of fixing these lighters as they had a multitude of problems from their age. As he built

Lucifer Fulci

Another long time friend Musician, Author, Artist, Multi Media Expressionist, Lucifer Fulci commissioned a website to brand and exhibit various art forms and communications to his devoted followers.  

Papa Mali

Site redesign for musician and friend Papa Mali, who needed control over site content and better development of musical history, sales channels for products and links to side projects including multiple band events postings. There was an interesting challenge in

Old City Accounting

Old City Accounting

Old City Accounting shares office space with PromoSta so we got the job! A small start up independent accountant looking to freelance in the North Florida area, PromoSta offers bundled discount packages for small businesses looking to outsource tasks like

Fun Fit Kidz

Rachel is a referral client who needed a small promotional site to explain her fitness program for kids. The site is an easy to manage and customer friendly Word Press installation allowing full control by the client and minimal “upkeep”