When you purchase a domain name the company usually suggests you purchase a list of domains as well, the plural, the .net, .org, etc. etc.

Yep, it’s important.

The point is that you don’t want someone pilfering your potential clients, or trading on your fair name. There have been ongoing arguments about the legality of “Cybersquatting” purchasing domain names and then trying to resell them to the people who want them or use them to leverage against a similar name.

Ronson Repair - Art Deco Lighter restoration
Beware of imitators setting up shop with a similar URL.

Here’s where it got to us.

My client RonsonRepair.com stumbled across a site that happened to be the plural of his. (I won’t provide a link to this “competitor”). After a little research we found that the owner of the site is a previous customer who purchased some repair products, failed to pay my client, and since has fashioned a version of the repair service based on my clients work, and gone into a competitive position.

This is an exception drag, as my client started this site as a hobby that has blossomed into a full time career. Of course whenever you are the best at something someone will try to eat into that success.

That’s pretty underhanded, and the way of the Internet. Just beware, and look at the investment of all those additional versions of your URL.. You may want to own them a couple years down the line.

Purchasing Multiple URLS
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