Once upon a time when the internet was a skeptical fad to companies trying to expand their marketing channels, I worked for an ad agency that worked for months developing a corporate presence for a client. One of the specific features they wanted was a group photo of the employees in front of the building and sign.

I suggested to them a couple times this may not be the best design element for the website, as well as some of the corporate literature. However, they insisted and we integrated it accordingly.

Unfortunately, our worst fears were realized a week after all the brochures had been printed and three days before the launch of the website, the VP of sales left for a competitor company, and a mad panic ensued removing the photo from the website, and re-printing the 8 page corporate capabilities brochure.

Fast forward 15 years, I’m still telling this story to everyone who wants a corporate profile showing everyone in the company. Individual pictures with a brief bio are fine, and easily edited in digital media (websites) however, I still suggest a group shot is a bad idea in the worst cases of Murphy’s Law.

However, when the need arises, photo editing has grown leaps and bounds since that fateful spring in the late 90’s and sometimes you just need a group photo professionally shot just mere weeks before – the guitarist quits!

PromoSta even has a solution for that!


Of course a couple months later… The singer quit… Sometimes you just have to take a new picture.


The Perils of the Employee Photo
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