This is a good signPromoSta is proud to have partnered with Eric Dennis of  St. Augustine to develop and launch and work with the team there to deliver stickers and e-commerce solutions to their cause.

This Is A Good Sign has a philosophy that we are bombarded with bad news all the time… Sometimes too frequently. Good Sign team members work to spread positive vibes, and messages throughout the world, by just being happy.  The response has been nearly overwhelming here in North Florida, and the campaign has spread easily into neighboring states, long distance to the coasts, and stickers have shown up in various countries!

PromoSta is happy to have been able to help spread some positive news in this time of relative bleak news reports, and dismal economic reports. The Good Sign Team would remind  you that not everything is doom and gloom, these things shall pass, and it’s all about the fun you can have in the meantime.

All in all it’s a great message, and we fully concur.

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