One constant on the internet is change.

I spent years working on making websites adapt to multiple screen resolutions from 800 width up to 1024 and larger. But as the world has become more mobile, and the ubiquitous smartphone has taken over the information superhighway screen resolution has been reduced.

Rosewater-mobile-collageAs we have let go the holy grail of page speed and low resolution graphics, and embraced high speed connections for end users, the mobile market has been struggling with looking at websites that only reduce to 760px and scroll left to right on a 3g or 4g connection.

There have been arguments for an against building mobile specific websites. Some think that mobile users are used to maneuvering the desktop site on a small touch screen, others contend that the easier the user interface the more engaged the customer.

Well the argument is over. Google is rewarding sites search engine ranking with mobile friendly designs. April 21 the new facet of the Google algorithm comes into play. If you want to reach mobile users through Google. you need a mobile friendly website.

There are a number of ways to achieve the mobile friendly format, including responsive design, and mobile specific pages served based on user agent.

PromoSta can help you make the switch, or migrate to a new mobile platform and keep your visitors engaged on whatever device they access your site with.

You Need To Be Mobile Ready